What Are Strainers On A River?

What Are Strainers On A River?

You may encounter strainers when you are kayaking in the river. What is a strainer? And why are these so dangerous?

To help you avoid these risks while kayaking in the river, we have put together some short guides so that you can do kayaking or fishing safely.

Strainers are usually human or natural creations like trees, fences or guard rails. The strainers block the water. These hazards stop and hold the boat and other things, while the water comes out through the small gap of the barrier.

When there is a dam in the water, a very small amount of water can come out and a river is flooded.

This strainer can be caused by a variety of objects, including human and natural barriers, such as trees, underground vehicles, or fences.

What Is The Danger Of A Strainer?

Any strainer can create obstacles in your way. The gaps in the strainer are usually so small that it is almost impossible for you to go through them. Only water can go through here.

This can be very dangerous because it can flip your kayak and you can get pinned under the water.

It would be a good idea to scout the river before paddling in the river if you don’t want to get caught in a strainer; this will allow you to identify any obstacles in advance and help you take steps to avoid them.

Make sure you have the necessary gear such as a knife, PFD and a helmet before paddling.

It may be helpful for you to have others with you when you go out. Because they can help you if you get stuck in a strainer. Throw bags and ropes are essential.

How to be Safe While River Boating

Make sure you have a life jacket, first aid kits, anchors and lines with you before entering the water.

Just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you don’t need a life jacket. Everyone needs to be safe. If you have a guest with you, warn guests to make sure they have all the safety equipment.


If you encounter a strainer while paddling, it may be a good idea to try to avoid the strainer by simply lightly paddling. It can be helpful to check the river, especially if it is a river where you have never paddled before.

Make sure you have the necessary gear with you when you are in the water, take someone with you if possible. Strainers can be a dangerous hazard, so follow local safety advice and use common sense when walking the river.