Best Truck Bed Bike Racks Reviews

Biking is a fun recreation done with friends and loved ones to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bringing along your bicycle when going on adventures can be quite troublesome if you don’t have a dedicated mount on your vehicle or truck. As such, we’ve provided 10 of the best truck bed bike racks available right now so you can order one to mount your bikes securely in place for your next adventure.

The Heininger Advantage SportsRack BedRack is the ideal bike carrier for pickup truck owners who own several bikes. This product can hold up to 4 bikes without removing any wheels with a system that won’t scratch your truck’s paint. There are soft paddings fitted on the bike rack to protect your bike as well as your truck bed as you travel.

It’s an easy to assemble solution to storing and hauling your bikes to make it easy for you to just roll them into the truck bed to haul them easily when going on a trip with your friends and loved ones. This SportsRack extends from 53.5” to 63.75” without spacers and up to 59.5” to 69.5” with a full-sized spacer. The bike rack can also be used away from your truck as a standalone rack making it the perfect product for people who own a lot of bikes.

This truck bed bike rack by INNO is great for people who don’t like hanging bikes at the back of their truck. The RT201 is sold in pairs to hold one bike and they’re really affordable if you’re on a budget. It’s very cheap to get more to mount on the other sides if you have multiple bikes to place into your vehicle. It lets you mount your bike in your truck bed without wasting cargo space as it has an easy-to-install design and well-built clamps to protect your bike and truck from accident scratches while on the move.

The rack can carry almost any kind of bike without the need to remove any tires. The entire process of mounting your bicycle can actually be done outside of the pickup truck bed as there are no tools or drilling required to mount it on top of your truck.

The Insta-Gater Pro truck bed bike rack by Thule is ideal for bikes with carbon frames, mountain, downhill, e-bikes, and even fat bikes as it has a weight capacity of up to 50 lbs. The bike rack accommodates wheel sizes from 20” to 29” and tires of up to 5” in size. This truck bed bike rack is fully adjustable and is designed to mount your bike upright for the inside of the truck bed without removing the front tire.

The Insta-Gater Pro requires no bolting or drilling during the installation process. You can quickly attach the bike with its ratcheting arm and it will hold securely in place without frame contact with the Thule’s One-Key system. The only drawback of the Insta-Gater pro is that it’s quite expensive compared to other truck bed bike racks on the list. If you don’t mind spending more, then this bike rack can definitely carry your bike to your next destination with ease.

If your truck already has a crossbar installed on your truck bed, then this universal bike carrier by Hooke Road is an affordable product to hold your bike during your adventures. The system uses two crossbars on your truck’s side rails and cradles your wheels and clamps them onto the frame to keep your bike steady as you drive. This bike carrier has a carrying capacity of up to 45 lbs. so it can carry most bikes with a standard 100mm x 9mm quick release front hub.

This bike carrier is made from anodized aluminum to prevent rust and corrosion ensuring its durability even after repeated and longtime use. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require drilling so you can quickly mount your bicycle in no time. The only drawback of using this bike carrier is you’ll have to remove the front wheel of your bike in order to correctly mount it at the back of your pickup truck.

The DARIEN tailgate bike pad cover is a nice alternative to truck bed bike racks as it can comfortably hold up to 5 bikes on your truck bed in a safe and stylish manner. It uses a PTV tarp waterproof material on the outside and an ultra-soft underside to protect your truck’s tailgate paint. This bike pad cover has new and improved anti-fading materials to ensure long-lasting use without compromising the looks over time.

This bike pad cover is fitted with an access flap to allow the tailgate to be opened while the bike pad cover is on. The product can also carry longer items such as paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks, and more. This bike pad cover can be installed and removed in minutes unlike other complex mounting systems making it an ideal carrier of your favorite bikes.

These quick-release fork block mounts are designed to be mounted on any firm surface either vertically or horizontally making them a good choice for hauling your bikes when traveling. Its multi-function capabilities mean the forklifts can be mounted in a shed, garage, wall, or even in a truck bed, van, or on a trailer for transportation. The size of the product is compact and lightweight making it easy to carry and providing no harm to your vehicle when installing it onto the truck’s bed.

It’s made from aluminum material to provide a safe and stable fixture to your bike to keep it in place. The bike fork is easy to install and has a convenient quick-release skewer when it’s time to use the bike when you arrive on your trail. This item is cheap and affordable making it possible for you to buy a couple more if you have several bikes to bring along.

The SportsRack BedRack Elite 2 is the second Heininger truck bed bike rack on our list due to its high ratings and positive customer reviews online. This bike rack can carry up to 2 bikes in your pickup truck bed with a width that extends from 44.25” up to 62” depending on your need. The SportsRack BedRack Elite 2 assembles in minutes without any tools required which means you can mount your bikes right away.

Buying this product includes a 24” cable lock to secure the rack to the truck. It works well with or without truck bed liners and you can even use this as a standalone bike rack out of your truck for an easy storage option.

The Let’s Go Aero 2-Bike truck bed mount is ideal for couples who bring their bikes during their adventures as this mounting system is capable of carrying up to 2 bikes of any size and frame above the bedside with ease. As the mounts are over the bed sill, the interior space of the truck bed remains empty so you can put more cargo in if you’re on a vacation or long-distance road trip.

The mount is compatible with almost any truck bed and provides 360-degrees of convenient loading and unloading due to its nelson V-Wing. The mount has a carrying capacity of up to 35 lbs. and is fitted with a lock with two cables for locking the bikes and Nelson rack to the vehicle bed.

This tailgate pad by ORYX measures 54” wide and holds up to 5 bikes to place on top of your pickup truck bed with ease. The pad is equipped with bike frame straps to keep your bikes secure and in place when you’re traveling on the road. It’s made with ¾” foam pads with a heavy-duty vinyl cover on the outside to protect both your truck’s paint as well as your bike when going to your favorite trail.

There’s a tailgate access flap that allows you to open your tailgate when it’s time to ride your bikes. Using a tailgate pad is an affordable alternative to crossbars and bike racks which is why tailgate pads are some of the highly-rated mounting systems you’ll find online.

Last on our list of the best truck bed bike racks you can order right now is this tailgate bike pads by SPORTOURO. The bike pads keep your bikes standing tall and ready as it is equipped with heavy-duty hook and loop fasteners to hold your bikes securely in place. It has a tailgate protector to protect your tailgate with a tough PVC top and a soft paint-friendly flannel bottom.

The carry accessories are waterproof and with double closure pockets so you can bring along other bike accessories with you. Lastly, the bike pad includes a combination lock and strategically placed grommets to lock your pad in the truck bed keeping it secure even when driving off-road.

Buying Guide: Best Truck Bed Bike Racks


Aside from the price of your bike rack, its total fit on your truck bed should be your top priority when choosing the right product for your vehicle. We’ve listed bike pads, mounts that clamp on the sides, on top of the bed sill, and even on a crossbar as the top choices for bike racks as they give you more space and can be installed in minutes to keep your adventures hassle and worry-free.


Having the capacity to bring more than one bike is essential if you’re going on road trips with your families and loved ones so that everyone can ride a bike to your favorite trails when out on vacations. Maximizing the space of your truck bed with your bike rack makes for a fun and enjoyable experience as everyone will be able to ride at the same time.

Security Features

Since you’re loading bikes at the back of your truck, having security features in place is important to prevent theft and/or damage to your bike and your truck. When you’re out on the road, pedestrians and onlookers may find a liking to your prized possessions so having secure locks to keep your bikes in place is necessary. As an addition, your bike racks should be fitted with at least a form of protection like foam padding to prevent the bike from wobbling. A secured bike prevents scratching your bike and your vehicle’s paint and this saves you money in the long run due to unwanted repairs.


As long as your bike rack is made from durable and sturdy materials, it should keep you company for years with proper care and maintenance. Even bike pads nowadays are sturdy enough to last a long time and keep their quality. This is why it’s the best time to get a bike and wander the great outdoors for a healthy and satisfying life.


Are truck bed bike racks better than hitch mounted and roof racks?

One of the advantages of having a hitch-mounted bike rack is that it’s easier to load/unload and keeps the bike further away from your vehicle. The drawback of hitch-mounted bike racks meanwhile is not all vehicles come with a hitch and they tend to be heavier as you’ll have to install an accessory. It’s more difficult to park too as it adds length to your vehicle.

Roof racks, on the other hand, add versatility to your cargo carrier and they can also be used for other outdoor activities such as skiing, kayaking, and more. The disadvantage of using a roof rack is the increased fuel consumption due to aerodynamics and heavy bikes are more difficult to lift and load onto the rack. The increased height also makes it more difficult to park in some garages.