How to Use Anchor Trolley on a Kayak

How to Use Anchor Trolley on a Kayak

The anchor trolley is one of the first options most kayakers add to position their kayak correctly. By using the anchor trolley you can easily position your kayak against the current. We will discuss in detail How To Use Anchor Trolley On A Kayak. properly using the anchor trolley, and in this video, you will find the complete guide.

What is an Anchor Trolley

The anchor trolley helps you to keep the kayak in the designated place on the current. There is a specific point to anchor the kayak in the specified place.

It is easy to recover by dropping the anchor in deep water from the side of the kayak. However this is not the ideal anchor point. It can easily make your day worse.

Ideally, you want to place your anchor point on one end of the kayak or on the other end. It gives less anchor weight and scope as you need and makes it more hydrodynamic.

Why Should You Want a Kayak Anchor Trolley?

Kayak anchor trolleys help to easily and quickly adjust the tie-down position of the anchor on the kayak. Also, allowing the tie-down to move toward the anchor within a convenient area will make the anchor much easier to pull and easier to access. Time to anchor in the water providing full control of an angler.

How to Install a Kayak Anchor Trolley

You need help to install the anchor trolley on the kayak! If you don’t have an anchor trolley, you have to jump on top of the kayak. In this video, you will find a complete guide on how to install the anchor trolley, and instructions will be given below.