How Much Does A Kayak Weigh?

Knowing how much does a kayak weighs is an essential factor when we come to buying a Kayak. We all get excited when we go to purchase a new toy: our own Kayak. The only thing we have in mind is to go to the water and carry out this magnificent activity.

But as a paddler, you must ensure the suitable weight for you. Though weight is not a big issue for kayak lovers, it can be a big problem to carry and lift one place to another. Let’s answer – How Much Does A Kayak Weigh?

Kayak Weight will often be determined by the size and material from which it is made. This point will be of great help when you need to transport it. Have you thought about how much weight can complicate your life a little? What will happen when you need to take it to your car? Are you going to find it difficult?

Maybe, you may need to lift your Kayak and take it to your shed. Now, you can see and understand why you should make sure about the weight of your Kayak.

What is a Kayak?

This is a form of a boat. It is usually light and easily portable. But sometimes, they can turn a little heavy. Its two ends narrow towards the point that a kayaker propels it using a double-blade paddle. Traditionally, these boats are mainly for hunting and recreational.

Kayak Materials


    This material is polyethylene. It is generally cheaper, but its weight is quite considerable.


    It has a price a little higher than that of plastic, but much better in terms of weight.


    Its price is a bit high, but its quality and weight are worth it.

What happens if the boat is too heavy?

The weight of a Kayak is an essential factor when you will buy one. If you want to navigate tricky river features, then a lighter boat would be helpful. Heavy Kayaks are easy to control, especially on flat water.

However, you will suffer when you should place it in your car. Just to mention, the weight does not count when you are already paddling. It only matters when you are taking your boat off the water.

Moving a kayak is not so easy if it weighs a lot…

Before you commence paddling, you need to bring your Kayak to the lake, or the destination. Imagine this situation; what will happen if your Kayak is too heavy? The answer is: you will not carry it.

Therefore, the most accurate decision is to look for someone to help you. But if you are traveling alone, you will not move it anywhere. That is why weight counts. Apart from prices, sizes, design, and material, you must choose a suitable weight that you can carry.

How construction influence kayak weight

Depending on the materials the Kayak is created, it could affect the weight of your new toy.

  • Thermoform kayak weight:

    This type of Kayak comes in two separate pieces, but putting together. We can compare their lightness with fiberglass. They are durable, just like rotomolded and affordable. It is a perfect choice for novices as they are medium-weight, flexible, and easy to control.

  • Rotomolded kayak weight:

    This is a compact one-piece molded plastic boat. It is made from plastic pellets; they are resilient and perfect for rocky waterways. In terms of weight, they are usually heavy, thus elementary to control on the water.

  • Wood kayak weight:

    Wooden boats promise beauty, especially the strip-built ones. Also, they are available in a wide selection of designs. They are strong and composite. They are lighter than other boats, and this will depend on the type of wood used. Wood is considered one of the best raw material for any canoe.

  • Composite kayak:

    They are smooth and light. This type of Kayak is best for touring because they are easy to navigate. They are also suitable for fishing. They are the most stylish, elegant sea boats.

Type Of Kayak And It’s Weights

  • Single kayak weight:

    A single kayak is about 35 pounds. Moreover, a typical one is roughly 30 to 50 pounds based on its accessories as well as the building material. Keep in mind that knowing the weight is more important than the price. In simple reality, you will often carry it to and from water. Some lightweight Kayaks you can purchase are 45, 44,40,36,35, and 26 pounds, among others.

  • Tandem kayak weight:

    The average weight of a tandem boat is roughly 65 pounds. Keep in mind; tandems weigh rounds between 50 pounds to 75. This is from lightest to the heaviest. If you have a heavy tandem, you can bring along your friend, so you carry it together. You can acquire some Kayaks regarding this weight: 84, 78, 73, and 57 pounds, and so others.

  • Fishing kayak weight:

    A good fishing canoe weighs roughly 35 pounds. Some boats weigh approximately 120 pounds; they are easy to use and navigate. The heaviest fishing ones weigh about 225 pounds. They come with more features, and they are quite expensive. Can you imagine owning a 60-pound fishing watercraft? This will force you to look for means of transport to the water because it is heavy. Some weights of fishing boats are 60, 45, 55, 129, and 103 pounds, among others. 

  • Inflatable kayak weight:

    The typical weight of an inflatable boat is roughly 35 pounds. Some of this selection weighs less than 20 pounds. As mentioned earlier, the weight depends on the quality of construction, the materials, and the size. Inflatable ones consume less space compared to others.

  • Hobbie kayak weight

    Hobbie watercraft is heavier than recreational ones. The weights range from 60 pounds to 240 pounds. Moreover, they are fully equipped with all fishing accessories as well as gear.


  • Does weight matter in successful kayaking?

    Weight is a paramount factor in successful kayaking. Keep in mind that you have to bring it to your kayaking destination. Therefore, the higher the measure, the hardest to carry.

  • Can I use a kayak for fishing?

    Yes, there are different types of canoes—Hobbie, inflatable, and finishing watercraft. You can choose the suitable one for you.

Conclusion – How Much Does A Kayak Weigh?

Everyone wants to go Kayaking. The question of how much does a Kayak weigh can solve so many problems out of the water. Therefore, the real secret behind this is to find the best Kayak of good weight. As we have been reading in this article, an average recreational kayak weighs around 35 pounds or 15kg. It can help you to move your Kayak quickly.