What Is The Main Advantage Of A Type IV PFD?

What Is The Main Advantage Of Type IV PFD?

Most likely, you enjoy being in the water and take every opportunity to do so. We believe that safety is the most crucial consideration when engaging in aquatic activities. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are the first things that come to mind when it comes to water safety. Various types of PFDs are available in the market, each serving a distinct purpose. In this article, we will focus on what’s the advantage of Type IV PFD.

What Is A Type IV PFD?

A Type IV PFD (Personal Flotation Device) differs from other devices in that it is not intended to be worn. Instead, it is designed to assist in rescuing someone who has fallen into the water. Type IV PFDs are typically found in swimming pools, large boats, and beaches. They are made of buoyant material that can provide flotation for both children and adults in an emergency. Type IV PFDs in hospitals may come in different forms, such as squares.

Difference Features between Type IV and Other PFDs

The primary distinction between Type IV PFDs and other PFDs is that they are disposable. Other PFDs are worn so that they can provide instant buoyancy when a person falls into the water. Type IV PFDs are designed to help someone in the water. They are typically used to aid individuals who have difficulty swimming or are already wearing a life jacket. Type IV PFDs are commonly seen on boats longer than 18 feet, but small boats should also have one for emergency purposes. If the Type IV PFD is in the form of a ring buoy, it will be orange or white. Other designs may be of different colors.

Most Important Advantages of Type IV PFD

Free Size

The primary advantage of Type IV PFDs is their design, which allows people of all ages to use them. They are not wearable devices, so they do not have a specific size. When using other types of PFDs, you must choose the appropriate size to ensure that the jacket provides the necessary buoyancy. With Type IV PFDs, you don’t have to worry about size because they are disposable devices designed to be used by people of all kinds. Some styles have cushion-style straps that provide extra support in the water and give you something extra to grip.

Can Be Towed

Type IV PFDs have many attachment points, such as ring buoys, which allow you to secure the rope for extra protection. Adding a rope to a Type IV PFD makes it easier to rescue someone because you can pull it toward you as long as you have the rope.

Can Be Thrown

The most significant advantage of Type IV PFDs is that they can be thrown. This feature makes them versatile buoyancy aids that can be used on beaches, rivers and lakes, swimming pools, coastal areas, and boats. They can be thrown into the water separately from other PFDs that must be worn before entering the water. Type IV PFDs are disposable, which makes them ideal for better search and rescue operations and identifying where a person entered the water.

Last Words

Type IV PFDs are easy to use and highly useful. They can be used by people of all kinds and in various situations, making them suitable for many different purposes.