How to Carry a Kayak on a Motorhome - 5 Tips

How to Carry a Kayak on a Motorhome – 5 Tips

Kayaking is a popular summer water activity, and if you’re planning to go on a trip that requires travel, you’ll need to figure out how to transport your kayak safely on your motorhome or travel trailer. In this article, we’ll provide five tips on how to Carry a Kayak on a Motorhome.

How to Carry Kayaks on a Motorhome or Travel Trailer?

There are several options for kayaking in a motorhome or travel trailer. However we will discuss some easy ways here so that you can transport your kayak very easily.

Internal Storage

Some travel trailers come with a full basement, which is ideal for storing a kayak. Fifth-wheel trailers typically have this feature, but it depends on your trailer’s design. If your travel trailer has internal storage, you can slide your kayak into a standard-sized space and secure it with a locking system. This is the safest and easiest way to transport your kayak.

Roof Mounts

Another option is to transport your kayak on the roof of your motorhome or travel trailer using roof mounts. RV and two-car roof mounts are commonly used and can accommodate multiple kayaks. However, be aware of the height limit when passing under overpasses.

Ladder Rack

Investing in a ladder rack for your car bed is another great option for transporting kayaks. This method is easy to mount and secure using straps and a bike lock. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the kayak and mount it as high as possible to prevent theft.

Ceiling Hoist

If you have enough ceiling space in your travel trailer, you can use a ceiling hoist to transport your kayak. This method is useful for RVers who don’t have a towing vehicle or don’t want to mount anything on the outside of their trailer. However, it requires proper mounting to be effective.

Kayak Trailers

Finally, using a kayak trailer is a convenient option if you need to transport multiple kayaks. This method eliminates the need to load and unload the kayak on the roof of your vehicle.

Last Words

In conclusion, these five tips can help you safely transport your kayak on your motorhome or travel trailer. If you have any other ideas, be sure to share them with us. Happy kayaking!