What Is A Tandem Kayak - Explain For Beginners

What Is A Tandem Kayak – For Beginners

We all probably know about the kayak, it is a short, narrowboat like a vehicle or you may say watercraft, which typically moves with a paddle. Kayak has double blades in its paddle. But do you know, what is a tandem kayak?

What should we know about tandem kayaks?

Well, there are different types of kayaks, and tendon kayak is one of those. It is usually around 18-24 feet in length, according to your choice on size. It can hold up to two persons in it. In a tandem kayak, two-person paddles together. You may face some mismatch, and you may find it tough at first, but over time you will get used to it.

People like tandem kayaks because it helps in bonding exercise. Likewise, if someone is new, you can introduce him/her to kayaks, and you will be amazed to see how happy it makes them! Moreover, tandem kayaks have a lot of spaces, and it’s easy to store!

What are the advantages of a tandem kayak?

what is a tandem kayak

If you are ignorant of a tandem kayak and asked “what is a tandem kayak”, you may also want to know its advantages. Here are a few pros of tandem kayaks that are going to help you.

  • Bonding with passengers: As mentioned above, a single kayak will not allow you to paddle together with another person. But in a tandem kayak, you will get this opportunity. This will help you learn to work as a team. Tandem kayaks are great to increase your family bondings.
  • Boredom free: solo paddle can be boring sometimes. You won’t feel bored if you use a tandem kayak and paddle along with another person.
  • Safety in water: paddling alone in water can sometimes cause dangers. But if you are with a person in the middle of the water, the other person will help you calm in different situations.
  • Fast and stable: A tandem kayak is faster and more stable than a single kayak.
  • More spaces: You will have a lot of space than a regular kayak on a tandem kayak. If you were planning for a picnic and worried about the spaces needed to take things along with you, buy a tandem kayak!
  • Secure storage: Travelling in an unknown place doesn’t give you much space. In that case, a tandem kayak will be easy to store anywhere.

Disadvantages of a tandem kayak

Along with so many advantages, a tandem kayak has few disadvantages too. Let’s know about those-

  • Weighty: A high-quality tandem kayak weight about 75 to 100 pounds. These kayaks are very heavy compared to other kayaks. You will need another person to carry this.
  • Working out together: As this kayak needs an excellent partnership to move, many users fail there. It is quite challenging to maintain momentum.
  • Expense: A tandem kayak is more expensive than a regular kayak. If you want a good quality kayak, it will come with a rudder. Its rudder makes it more expensive to purchase. But in comparison to the quality it provides, I must say the price is worth it.
  • Requires assistance: You won’t have the freedom to move it alone. You will need assistance because of its weight. So if sometimes, if you want to paddle or go out alone to spend some alone-time, you won’t be able to do that with your tandem kayak.
  • Different experiences: as different people use different techniques to paddle, you will have to know your partner’s style, and you have to cope up with that while paddling. This can annoy you.

Things to consider in a tandem kayak

There are things that you should consider while buying a tandem kayak. We are going to explain a few below:

  • Do not buy a shorter tandem kayak to get rid of extra weight. Smaller tandem kayaks are less stable. These kayaks displace very often. Moreover, there is less space for paddlers. The total passenger capacity in these short tandems is very less than usual.
  • If you don’t have a massive carrier, you might not want to buy a kayak.
  • If you want to save costs, a tandem kayak won’t serve you.
  • You must have a good bonding with your partner while paddling. Or you may fall into accidents or failures which can lead you to dangerous situations.

Frequently asked questions about tandem kayaks

Q. How long does it take to learn how to run a tandem kayak?

A. The learning curve of a tandem is prolonged. It can be challenging to know the problem from its roots because the problem may be from your side, or your partner or even both of you.

Q. Can I go out with it on my own?

A.  You won’t always be able to go out on your own will, because it needs assistance.

Q.  Is it risky?

A.  Tandem kayaks are usually very stable and handy, but sometimes it can fill with water and can be very hard to handle.

Q.  Can I sell a used tandem kayak?

A.  A used tandem is often quite hard to sell. So if you change your mind after using it for a while, it may be hard for you to sell.

Q. Can I use it for a vacation?

A.  Kayaks are very handy for vacations. So if you want to go for a vacation, you may always consider getting a tandem kayak.


To this end, I hope that you have known what is a tandem kayak very well. These kayaks are great if you plan to spend a good time with your significant other, or maybe family and friends. This tandem kayak will give you an outstanding experience. Even if someone is tired of paddling, the other person can help that person just at that moment whenever needed.

These are the best for fishing on the water, coping up with rough water. Even if you are not good at paddling or you have a lack of experience in water, your partner can cover you up. Overall, buying a tandem kayak can be very good for you if you consider all the pros you are going to get. We have given you a lot of information on a tandem kayak, so read it and buy yours soon!