Kayak Bass Fishing Tips - Explain For Beginners

Kayak Bass Fishing Tips – For Beginners

Whoever came with the idea of combining fishing with kayak, has taken the thrill of fishing to a whole new level. Kayak fishing has become immensely popular among anglers these days. But when it’s about Kayak Bass Fishing Tips, things are quite different.

Fishing for Bass is tricky, and you need some specific techniques for that. Many anglers prefer to take Bass boats or fishing motorboats as they need to carry a lot of different gear. But those boats are incredibly pricey and high maintenance.

So, if you’ve taken the wise decision of fishing bass with kayak but doubt yourself, here are some radical kayak bass fishing tips that will alter your fishing game level.

A quick guide to all the tips and tricks of kayak fishing for Bass:

Tip 1: Be stealthy.

Though kayaks are already pretty stealthy, you need to be more careful when it’s about Bass. If you make a loud noise, you may fail to catch them. So, here’s what you can do to make your boat stealthy:

  • Use a non-skid textured mat on your cockpit to dampen the sound if anything falls on the floor. It also provides better traction.
  • Do not get too close to the prime fishing area; this might spook the fishes. Stay a little far to avoid startling the band of Bass.
  • Don’t make any paddle slapping noise. You can put the paddles sideways instead of keeping them across the kayak.

Tip 2: Pick some attractive lures.

Kayak Bass fishing tips

You can’t catch Bass with just any lures that you generally use. If you want to get some great Bass, you can try out these lures.

  • Soft plastic worm.
  • Spinnerbaits.
  • Crankbaits.
  • Topwater lures.

Among all of these lures, Spinner and Crankbaits are the most effective because they both make vibrating sounds to attract Bass.

And always try to get bright red colored lures as it creates the illusion of wounded bait, and Bass would love to prey on that.

Tip 3: Provoke them with some delicious live baits.

As I revealed before, Bass is always hard to get. The same baits don’t work on every Bass. Baits for big Bass won’t work for the small ones. 

But you don’t know which type of Bass is waiting for you under the water. Therefore, you need to be witty while choosing baits for them.

Here are some suggestions for live baits that work both for medium and big Bass:

  • Minnow and Crawfish.
  • Frogs and salamanders.
  • Leeches and worms.

Tip 4: Use anchor and fish finder for more efficiency.

kayak bass fishing tips

You need to be steady on the water to catch Bass. As kayaks are quite light-weight, you may not be able to stay on the specific spot for the wind.

That’s why you need anchors to stay still on the spot without wobbling on the water.

A fish finder can show you the water temperature, depth, and fishes. The temperature of the water plays a vital role in catching Bass.

Moreover, if you know what type of fish is roaming underwater, you can get your gears accordingly. 

So, getting fish finder and anchor can be proven very helpful in kayak bass fishing.

Tip 5: Keep your gears organized.

While fishing Bass, you will need various lures or baits. So, get several fishing rods and attach different lures on them to save time and trouble.

Moreover, keep your baits and lures in labeled compartments of your tackle box.

Tip 6: Take the best fishing kayak.

Best Stand Up kayak for fishing

You can’t go to a battlefield without proficient weapons. And in this case, the weapon is an efficient fishing kayak. If your kayak isn’t good enough, you won’t be able to have an excellent Bass fishing experience.

So, to choose the perfect fishing kayak; look for the features I am mentioning below.

  • Comfortable seating arrangements.
  • Several rod holders, paddle holder, fish finder or Gps mount.
  • High-quality deck padding for a secure standing.
  • Carry handles and cup holders.
  • Scupper holes and drain plug.
  • Multiple storage options such as storage hatch, deck storage with bungee rope for securing your cargo.

Always choose a sit-on-top stand up fishing kayak with a pedal drive system. It will allow you to do hands-free fishing with a broader view of the water.

So, these were the essential kayak Bass fishing tips you will need. Let me give you some more quick suggestions to improve your experience.

  • As you have to lay low while catching Bass, get a medium to long-sized fishing rod so you can cast it from a little distance.
  • Use your feet to direct your kayak; it allows you to have a great fighting chance with the fish. 
  • Master the paddling with one hand technique for better efficiency.
  • Pop your baits a few times, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and wait for the Bass to fall for it.
  • Be patient during the whole process as the Bass are intelligent enough.
  • You should stick to the coastline while fishing for Bass; they are mostly found there than the middle of the water.

The fantastic benefits of catching Bass with fishing kayak:

Though Bass Boats are a popular choice for Bass fishing, fishing kayaks come with some additional advantages. The benefits of kayak fishing are:

  • Kayaks are quiet and unlikely to scare Bass with loud mechanized noise.
  • They are easy to repair when it gets damaged.
  • Kayaks are very portable. You can easily transport them to various fishing spots.
  • Kayaks have better access to waters like lakes and ponds where motorboats can’t reach efficiently. 
  • Kayaks are customizable, and so, you can install additional rod holders if you want.

What is the best time to catch Bass?

Bass are cold-blooded fish. Thus, their body temperature changes with the weather and you have to fish accordingly. 

In summer, the best time to catch Bass is early in the morning. In winter, try in the middle of the day when it’s nice and warm out there.

In conclusion:

Day by day, more anglers are getting hooked with kayak fishing. Because of the versatility and affordability of fishing kayaks, Bass boat users are more into kayaks these days.

And if you want to follow their path, my kayak Bass fishing tips will give you a head start.

So go and get some big bass to make us proud!