How to Store Fishing Rods

How to Store Fishing Rods

When the fishing season is over you will want to save your fishing rod. If you don’t save your fishing rods at the end of the fishing season, your rods can suffer damage, which you never want. You want your fishing rod to always look new.

We all know how important fishing gear is to a fishing lover. Here we will discuss in detail how you can save your fishing rod without any damage.

How and Where Store Fishing Rod

Your home or garage can be a great place to keep your fishing rod safe. Before storing the fishing rod, make sure you keep it in a dry environment. You can keep it at your room temperature, whether it is a temperature-controlled or heated environment.

Preparing the Reel

Snip the line used first. If it is damaged then you should not use it anymore. It may also contain salt and germs.

If you are fishing with sweet water, you can keep the line relay. But if you use it to fish in saltwater, you must remove the line and keep it separate.

With the help of detergent and hot water, you need to clean the reels and lines. Dry it after cleaning, spool the line relay when it is completely dry.

Preparing the Rod

This time you need to clean your fishing rod after cleaning the reel. Take hot water, detergent, and a soft brush again to clean. In this case, you can use a toothbrush.

Thoroughly clean the rod with hot water containing detergent. Let it dry after cleaning. When it is completely dry, put the reel and the rod together. Separate the drug from the phishing line.

Use Your Rod Rack

Now that the fishing rod and reel are clean, you need to place your rod on the rod. Rod racks are designed to keep your rods upright and in good shape. Do not let your rods lean towards each other or against the opposite corner of the wall. You never want your rods to be dull.

It would be better for you to store your rods on a rod rack. Rod rod storage will keep your rod in good condition until the next season of fishing.

Finishing Up

If you store your fishing rod properly, you can be sure that storing it properly will extend the life of your rod. No matter how you save the rod, make sure you have cleaned your rod before saving. And dried it well after cleaning.

Here we have tried to give a short guide on how you can save your rod. If you have any feedback on how to save the rod, you can share it with us. And if you like this article, you can share it with your Phishing Lover friends.