How to Store Fishing Rods

How to Store Fishing Rods

We Share Our Essential Tips for Storing Your Fishing Rod This Post-Season

For fishing enthusiasts, the end of the fishing season doesn’t just mark a pause in their favorite activity; it’s also a crucial time to ensure their equipment, especially fishing rods, is properly stored. Proper storage is key to maintaining the rod’s condition and performance. Let’s dive into the best practices for storing your fishing rod effectively.

Selecting the Right Spot: Home or Garage

1. Finding the Ideal Location

Your home or garage can serve as perfect spots for storing your fishing rod. The main goal is to store it in a dry, room temperature environment, preferably a heated or temperature-controlled area. This helps prevent any damage caused by moisture or extreme temperatures.

Preparing Your Fishing Rod for Storage

2. Reel Care

Begin by inspecting your fishing line. If it’s worn out, especially after saltwater expeditions, it’s best to cut and dispose of it. For freshwater fishing, you might consider keeping the line. Regardless, cleaning the reel and line is a crucial exercise and we reccommend that you use use warm water mixed with a gentle detergent to thoroughly cleanse them. Once dry, re-spool the line if you’re keeping it.

3. Rod Maintenance

After attending to the reel, turn your focus to your rod. Clean it with the same warm water and detergent solution, using a soft brush or toothbrush for detailed cleaning. Make sure to clean every part of the rod, then allow it to dry completely before reattaching your reel.

Properly Storing and Preparing Your Rod


4. Using a Rod Rack

Once your fishing rod and reel are clean and dry, place them on a rod rack. These racks are designed to maintain the rod’s shape and integrity by keeping them upright. Avoid leaning your rods against walls or having them rest on each other, as this can lead to warping or potential damage.


Properly storing your fishing rod isn’t just about finding the right spot; it’s about preparation and maintenance. A clean, dry fishing rod stored in a stable environment will be ready for action when the next season rolls around.

Remember, the effort you put into storing your fishing gear reflects your passion and dedication to our sport.

We hope these tips help you in maintaining your fishing rod in top-notch condition. Your thoughts and experiences are always welcome, so feel free to share. And if you find this guide useful, please pass it on to your fellow fishing enthusiasts!