How to Attach Bait Stardew Valley

How to Attach Bait – Stardew Valley

How to Attach Bait in your rods in Stardew Valley? Stardew Valley is a role-playing video game that is very popular because of its good balancing of long, short, and midterm goals with a lot of player choice. The game includes numerous challenges and tasks like- farming, fishing, mining, and so on. Stardew Valley fishing is one of the exciting functions here.

Fishing is a fascinating feature in this game. You can catch fish from seas or ponds by using fishing rods. But you also need to attach bait to your fishing rod to catch fishes on advanced levels.

Many of the gamers face troubles to figure out how to attach bait Stardew Valley. Are you one of them? If you are, then you will be able to find the solution to your problem here.

There are a few kinds of fishing rods available in this game. Firstly, you need to buy those rods from Willy’s Shop using gold coins. Some of the rods are available after unlocking specific levels.

The available fishing rods in Stardew Valley are:

Training Rod: This fishing rod is straightforward to use, and you can catch common fishes by using it. You are not allowed to use baits on training rods, and it costs only 25 gold coins.

Bamboo pole: Bamboo pole is another kind of fishing rod. Stardew Valley bait bamboo pole is also not available. That means you cannot use baits or tackles on a bamboo pole. You will be given one from Willy’s Shop, and you can also buy it, which costs 500 gold coins.

Fiberglass Rod: Stardew Valley fiberglass rod is allowed to use baits. But you have to reach level 2 to unlock this fishing rod, which costs 1800 golds.

Iridium Rod: You can attach baits to this kind of rod, but you need to reach level 6 to unlock it. You have to buy it using 7500 gold coins.

Unlocking the fishing rods at different levels and required gold coins makes this task more engaging and challenging. But if you want to be successful in fishing in this game and earn more gold coins, you need to have a decent idea of what kind of fishing rod catches which fishes and how to attach baits to the rods.

I found some difficulties in attaching bait on my fishing rod while playing this game on my phone for the first time. I couldn’t understand how I would attach the baits to fishing rods. But after doing some research, I got my answer and had the solution to my problem. There are different ways of attaching the baits to fishing rods for different kinds of devices. Here I will give instructions on how you will solve the problem for your type of device.

But you need to know that you will be able to attach bait on rods only after reaching level 2. When you are at level 2, you will receive a mail from Willy that you have a new fishing rod available, a fiberglass rod. Then you have to buy it, and after that, you will be able to attach baits.

Now, what device do you use for gaming? If you are having trouble regarding fishing in this game or cannot figure out how to attach bait Stardew Valley, you will find great help here for whatever kind of device you are using.

Attaching Bait to a Rod on Android Phone:

First, you need to open the inventory screen. Then have to drag the bait over the rod, and the bait will be attached to the fishing rod. Then close the inventory window and start fishing!

Attaching Bait to a Rod on IOS:

The process is the same on IOS as android mobiles. If you know the given process above, then you know how to attach bait Stardew Valley on IOS.

Attaching Bait to a Rod on PC:

If you are on PC, you have to open the inventory screen. Then you have to left-click on the bait and then right-click on the fishing rod. Thus you add baits to rods on PC.

Attaching Bait to a Rod on PS4:

If you are on PS4, after opening the inventory screen, you need to press X on the bait and then press . That is how you attach it on PS4.

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Attaching Bait to a Rod on Nintendo Switch Controller:

To attach bait to a fishing rod, you have to press A on the bait and press Y to attach it to the fishing rod on the inventory screen.

Attaching Bait to a Rod on Xbox:

You have to open the inventory by pressing B, then press A on the bait to select it, and then press X to attach it to the fishing rod. Thus you attach bait if you are on Xbox.

The only way to remove the bait from the fishing rod is to swap the bait with a different kind of bait like bug meat or something else. Removing the whole bait from a rod is not easy in Stardew valley. So you should attach the baits carefully, whether you need them a whole lot.

Good Luck to Stardew Valley Fishing!

Fishing is one of the crucial tasks of this game to earn points and golds. It would be best if you had a fishing strategy, and according to that, you would buy baits and tackles for your fishing rods.

Fishing tools will make you able to catch different types of fishes, which will make you earn more points and golds. Hence, to make more points by fishing, you cannot skip the part of attaching baits to your fishing rods because you will not be able to catch the high quality of fishes without doing so.

Just find a potential fishing spot. Pick a suitable fishing rod to catch different types of fishes and attach baits to catch more fishes within a short period. Many people find it easier to make points and golds by fishing.

So what are you waiting for? Go through the instructions on how to attach bait Stardew Valley for your suitable device and start fishing on Stardew Valley! Best of luck!

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