Lifetime Payette 116 kayak reviews

Lifetime Payette is a compact seat-in kayak. It is designed for single paddlers. It has a spacious cockpit, and you can return to its seat for extra comfort while paddling.

It’s not actually a very big kayak. It is only 9 feet 8 inches and weighs 44 pounds. This is a stable kayak that can be a great kayak for you and your baby.

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TYPE: Sit-Inside


WIDTH: 30 in.

LENGTH: 9 ft. 8 in.

COCKPIT: 44 in. L x 22 in.


Lifetime Payette 116 kayak Main Features

Larger Style Cockpit

The Payette has a very wide cockpit. It can be great for you. It may feel less claustrophobic than some seat insider kayaks.

The Payette kayak cockpit is 44 inches long and 22 inches wide. Due to its size you can easily dive in and out of its cockpit. It has so much space in the cockpit that you can take your dog with you if you wish.

Stable Design

The Payette Kayak is usually designed for single paddlers. And the bottom part of it is designed in a flat way. This makes paddling on the water easier. Which will help paddling kids and newcomers.

The hall also has a rigid Chinese rail that can improve tracking as well as help maintain calm water stability.

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Storage Options

There is a storage bogie on the back of the kayak. Although the storage options in this compact craft may be somewhat limited, the ATB gives you some space to keep your gear.

In this storage space you can keep your gear dry. But you have to be careful because this bag is not completely waterproof.

The front deck of the kayak lets you tie extra gear. And this kaya has a cup holder that lets you keep the drink of your choice.

You can customize this kayak to add extra storage and accessories. If you want to fish with it, you can customize it and use it as a fishing kayak.

Comfort Features

The Lifetime Payette has a foot inside the cockpit that is designed according to multiple paddlers, allowing a variety of positions for leg length.

The kayak seat comes with a plastic seatback, which can be folded for storage. You may want to consider upgrading the seat for better comfort.