10 Best Kayak For Big Guys In 2020

Do you have a thirst for fishing, adventure, and kayaking? To enjoy all these activities, you will need the perfect kayak that offers a safe and joyful experience. But if you are a heavy-weight, big person, you will need the best kayak for big guys.

There are so many models of kayaks available in the market. But big guys need something different, something that makes you feel comfortable and safe

Now buckle up and forget about all the confusion! Here I have ranked the top ten best kayaks based on their durability, features and cost only for the big guys. 

SunDolphin Aruba S.S

Budget Friendly
  • Well- constructed and durable
  • Electronics dry console in the cockpit
  • UV-resistant


Our Best Pick
  • Excellent durability
  • Comes with three watertight storage compartments
  • Foot-operative rudder enhances its performance

Perception Pescador Pro

  • Heavy-duty and well-constructed
  • Smart design and comfortable seats
  • Large tank-well storage

If you are a big guy, then Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable kayak can be your best fishing companion. Due to its high Weight tolerance ability, it makes it the perfect match for big guys. It can take up to 750 pounds of weight which allow 2/3 person along with more fishing gear and cargo.

Its inflatable body material makes it sturdy, and it inflates only in 8 minutes. It is very easy to maneuver, and you don’t need any transport or anything to move it out. You can use your bare hand to transport. When it is deflated, it becomes a 31*20*09 inch small package.

There’s a popular concept about the inflatable kayak that they have poor durability, which is completely wrong in terms of this kayak. The body materials of this kayak ensure its durability. It doesn’t get punctured even when it collapses with sharp rocky edges. It is the only brand that acquired the N.M.M.A. certificate, which means the safety measured is ensured.

This kayak is 12 and half feet in length and 3.3 feet in width, making, sure enough, space for 2-3 persons. The weight of the kayak itself is 47kg, which is quite light comparing others. There are 16 draining valves to remove water from the cockpit and multiple glove boxes for two weeks’ provision.  

It cost less than a thousand dollars, which is very affordable regarding the qualities it has. There are a complementary repairing kit and manual instruction, which will save you some extra cost. It has a dual feature for navigation. You can both paddle and use an electric motor to guide you through.


  • Highly portable and Compact
  • Heavy-duty and well-built
  • Outstanding stability and easy to control


  • The carrying bag isn't efficient enough

This kayak has a Weight tolerance ability of 395 pounds, a preferable choice for big guys. It’s a sit-on kayak, and able to run on both lake and river. It has room for two fishing rods and a comfortable cockpit for paddling.

The body of this kayak is made of high-density polythene materials, which make the kayak very sturdy. The whole kayak weighs only 47 pounds and can be transported with minimal effort. The floor is rigid, which eliminates the chance of slipping. Also, the body coating can deflect the sun rays, so the color remains intact.     

This kayak has a single seat. The seat has an adjusting facility that helps angler to paddle faster. Though multiple persons cannot ride together, there is enough room for a single big guy. So if you are into solo adventures, this is the right match for you.

This kayak is 12 feet long and 29.6 inches wide, which allows the angler to move comfortably. As you have to fish sitting on, you have enough space to maneuver and use both fishing rods. The wide shape gives the kayak higher buoyancy and perfect balance.

Comparing to other top brands, the Sun Dolphin Aruba S.S. comes at a cheaper price. It has a removable dry hatch at the back and portable glove compartment for snacks and items. The company provides protective thigh pads for extra security.


  • Well- constructed and durable
  • Adjustable seats and large storage capacity
  • Light-weight, compact, and easy to carry
  • Electronics dry console in the cockpit
  • UV-resistant


  • It doesn't have any drain plugs and skegs

The Vive Kayak Sea Ghost 130 has a Weight tolerance ability of 550 pounds. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It can support the weight of heavily built men without breaking a sweat. To be specific, the Vive Kayak Sea Ghost 130 has the entire features to be the best kayak for big guys.

The body of Vive Kayak Sea Ghost 130 is made of roto-molded, high-density polythene, which makes is stable and durable at the same time. The strong body gave it the capacity to float in any water. So, you can use it on a lake, river, or even in the ocean.

Vive Kayak Sea Ghost 130 has a dual-position vivo hero seat and foot braces that give you a comfortable position for fishing. You can change the position of your seat as per required. You can also stand on while fishing without any hazard because the kayak has a tremendous balance for the wider hull.

Vive Kayak Sea Ghost 130 is 13 feet long and 33 inches in width. It weighs 74 pounds, and it has several grab handles that make it easy to carry so you don’t need to bring your pickup to carry it out.

Surprising but true the price is less than a thousand dollars with all the pre-installed items. It provides a pair of the fishing rod holder, fish-finder, and several airtight glove compartment boxes for the better fishing experience.

Another interesting feature is the toe controlling hull that helps you to maneuver easily. If you are a coffee guy, then good news for you, there’s a cup holder within your reach. 


  • Has a skid plate to protect the hull
  • Excellent loading capacity
  • Toe-operated rudder


  • The speed of this kayak is slower than others for its build and heavy loading capacity

If you are looking for stability, BKC UH-RA220 is at the top of the race. It has the Weight tolerance ability of 340 pounds, and specially made for a solo adventure. This kayak has a wide space and comforting paddling system with a pre-installed rudder system that allows you to maneuver with effortlessly.

The body is made of the metal frame, yet the kayak weighs only 68 pounds. Because of its metallic body frame, it is very durable and hard-wearing.

BKC UH-RA220 has a very comfortable arrangement of the seat with several adjustment systems. There’s a foot-controlled ruder within reach to maneuver neatly. You can stand up without fear of losing balance while fishing.

The kayak is 11.6 feet in length and 33 inches wide, which gives it tremendous balance and stability. You can keep your fishing instruments on the floor as there is enough space to spare.

The BKC UH-RA220 costs about 800 dollars with five years of warranty. It comes with seven gorgeous colors and designs. You can use four fishing rods, and there’s the pre-installed glove compartment for keeping your equipment.


  • Excellent durability
  • Comes with three watertight storage compartments
  • Foot-operative rudder enhances its performance


  • Very heavy for a single-person kayak

This kayak can support 500 pounds, which is the best for big guys. It is relatively smaller in size, but it can be your dream kayak for the solo adventure. Though there is room for two passengers, the comfort gets compromised if you do so.

The body has a unique design that is very smartly built to carry huge weight. It has excellent durability because of its improved body materials.

The seating arrangement is for two people, but you can remove the extra passenger’s seat if you want to have more space for your legs. There are footrests to avoid foot cramps.

If you like a smaller kayak, it is ideal because, unlike others, it is only 10 feet long and 3 feet wide. Because of its shape of the kayak, it offers excellent balance and ensures safety. Therefore, you can transport it easily for the size benefit.

You can buy this kayak for less than a thousand dollars. Additionally, it comes with three fishing rods and a seven feet long stainless steel paddle. The paddles can be adjusted according to your preference. 


  • Well-built and durable
  • Comfortable seating arrangements
  • Comes with extra accessories


  • Tracking and speed needs improvement

If you are trying to find out which kayak can fit your budget, you must take a look at Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 Kayak. It has the perfect Weight tolerance ability for a 300-pound big guy with enough room and facilities. The kayak can take a load of 375 pounds, so you can carry your fishing gear and snacks without worrying about the weight limit.

The body of Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 Kayak is made of durable polythene, which makes it a smooth ride on lakes, rivers and calm coasts. The sturdy body is only 57 pounds, helps you to carry it on lands. It’s a sit-on kayak suitable for a solo passenger. Moreover, this kayak has great speed and stability that will add color to your fishing experience.

The lengthwise measurement of this kayak is 12 feet, and the width is 32.5 inch that gives you a sufficient amount of space for your legs and equipment. Because of its unique proportion, this kayak is super-fast and quite durable in any water.

The seat is removable and can be adjusted like stadium seats. They are very relaxing and provide you with enough space to avoid foot cramps. 

When it comes to cost, Perception Pescador Pro 12.0 Kayak beats every other top model. You can have this U.S. made high-performance kayak only for 700 dollars with five years of warranty. It also comes with various sleek colors and designs.   


  • Heavy-duty and well-constructed
  • Smart design and comfortable seats
  • Light-weight and excellent portability
  • Large tank-well storage


  • Small dry storage area
  • Not enough cup holders

It is an inflatable two-person sit-on kayak. The 28-pound kayak can carry a weight of 600 pounds. It has extremely higher buoyancy that can float both in a calm and heavy current. 

The body is mainly made of top-tier material, and hard parts make it extremely powerful against any water force. It is surprisingly light-weight and can be deflated in less than 10 minutes. The metal parts are rust-resistant, and the lower body is puncture-resistant, which makes it super durable.

The seating arrangement of Driftsun Rover 220 Inflatable Tandem Kayak is very comforting for both passengers. The seats are easily adjustable and can be removed if needed.

The length is 12.6 feet and width 34 inches, which provide enough space for comfort and paddling. Additionally, there are several airtight boxes which are removable. The floor is rigged, so it prevents accidents.

Driftsun Rover 220 Inflatable Tandem Kayak is a bit pricey, but it is worthy of your money. All you need in a kayak for fishing is already pre-installed. So, you don’t need to spend any extra money. There is a pre-installed camera that comes with the package. 


  • Rugged and whitewater-friendly
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Front Camera mount
  • Rust and puncture-resistant


  • Comes with a tie-down storage

Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K. 140 Kayak is the first choice for every experienced fisher. It can carry up to 550 pounds and can tolerate extreme waves while caring for the full weight.

The body is made of a hard shell, making it slightly heavier but more durable in rough water. Due to its customized design, it can meet the requirements of a pro fisherman. The design is simple; then again, its purpose was never for amusement only.

The Arrangement of the seat is made so that an angler can easily stand up while fishing. The seat is very relaxing and can be adjusted according to your choice.

It’s a 14 feet long kayak with a width of 34 inches, which gives it tremendous balance. You can easily get in and out and even stand while fishing. The strong body can endure strong current and sharp edges of pointy rocks.

It’s a bit pricey and not ideal for a beginner. In terms of performance, the kayak is worthy of your money. It will cost around 1700 dollars, along with the accessories. 


  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Whitewater ready
  • Excellent loading capacity


  • Not beginner-friendly

This Kayak can support up to 350 pounds of weight. The design is very sleek and perfect for a fishing adventure. 

This kayak has a very comfortable seat with extra security. The floor is rigged, allowing you to stand without the fear of falling into the water. The well-constructed body can handle any harsh weather and water rapids. 

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Angler Kayak is 12.3 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. It has an extended portion at the rear side, which can be used as storing your fishing gear and other equipment.

Though this kayak costs higher than any other fishing kayak with similar features, it ensures a safe and secure kayaking experience.


  • Rugged outer shell and great stability
  • Also suitable for recreational activities
  • Comes with track rails


  • Doesn't have a rear storage hatch

BKC UH-TK181 Fishing Kayak can support 440 pounds, and it can carry multiple people. Therefore, if you prefer the company while fishing, then this is your kayak. And guess what? It has seven fishing rods to help you make a good catch.

The body of BKC UH-TK181 Fishing Kayak is made of the hard shell to endure the rocky bottom of the shallow river. There are some spectacular designs to choose from. Also, there is enough space for resting your foot.

BKC UH-TK181 Fishing Kayak has an Arrangement of the seat of two people. The seats are easily adjustable, and the kayak is so well-balanced that you can stand while reeling.

Though the length is 12.5 feet, there are all the arrangements available, including storing cabinet, seven fish rod holders, space for other equipment and snacks. 

You can have this awesome kayak only for 800 dollars! Surprising, isn’t it? Because of low deck height, it is recommended to use it on calm water. Other than that, it’s a masterpiece regarding the price.


  • Waterproof storage compartments
  • Multiple adjustable fishing rod holders
  • Several carrying handles


  • Only suitable for fishing
  • Not whitewater-friendly

Types of Kayak available in the market:

Men are using the kayak for nearly 4000 years for hunting, fishing and sports. According to anthropologists, the concept first came to the northern people. Unlike today they used to make kayak by wood. 

In recent times, kayaks got more advanced and became more equipped for fishing and adventures. At present, there are numerous types of kayaks available in the market with unique features and designs. 

However, I’m going to discuss three types of kayak here because if you want to find the best kayak for big guys, we need to narrow our choices for obvious reasons.

So the best options for big guys are Inflatable kayak, sit-inside kayak and sit-on kayak. Here’s a brief concept about these kayaks:

Inflatable Kayaks:

When it comes to budget, inflatable kayaks are the best pick. They have a higher buoyancy rate than the rest. But people always doubt about this kayak’s durability. They think that inflatable kayaks do not last as long as a hard shell kayak does.

You need to choose an inflatable kayak which is made with rugged pvc material. Always try to get a puncture and UV-resistant inflated kayak to avoid unpleasant incidents. Inflatable kayaks are very compact, highly portable, easy to store, and inflatable kayaks come in many shapes and sizes. That’s why; inflatable kayaks are a popular choice among regular anglers and kayakers.

Though regular inflatable kayaks are not appropriate for big guys, there are some special models only for big guys.  So, you can get a inflatable kayak for yourself if you are pleased with all the features offered by inflatable kayaks.

Sit-inside kayaks:

The name sounds this way because of the sitting Arrangement of this kayak. Generally, in a sit-inside kayak, you have to sit inside the little room curved inside the kayak. So, your body is protected all the time. People who are into adventures and sports rather than fishing prefers these types of kayaks. 

Unfortunately for big guys, it is quite difficult to place their bodies inside this little room. So make sure there is a satisfactory amount ofarea for your legs before buying one of these. Because you don’t want to have leg cramps, do you? 

Sit-on kayak:

If you are a big guy, your first preference should be sitting on the kayak as it has enough room for your legs. As you get to sit on the top of this kayak, you can easily get in and out, which is the biggest advantage for big guys. 

These kayaks are relatively heavier, which makes it hard to carry around. But other than that, this is the perfect match for bigger guys.   

How do you choose the perfect kayak for big guys?

Usual kayaks are 9 – 12 feet long and less than 3 feet in width. When it comes to big guys, the main obstacle they face is to fit inside. There is also a concern about stability. And so, to escape these problems, they need a spacious kayak. 

Their kayak needs to have a wider body to ensure stability. Sometimes big guys may want to have a companion on their kayaking trips. So, they will need a kayak with enough space for gears and friends.  

Seating arrangements also play a vital role in choosing the perfect kayak. Make sure the seats have great back support, enough room for your legs, and easily adjustable.

Buyer's Guide for big guys to get the best kayak:

Here are some key points a big guy should consider before purchasing a kayak:

  • Purpose:

    Before making any decision, you should fix your purpose. Every kayak has different functions and suitable for different purposes. You need to consider location, water current, even the type of water before selecting your kayak.

    For example, you cannot use an inflatable kayak if you want to fish in rocky terrain. Also, sport and fishing kayak has different features. So make a list of your demands first and then go for it. 

  • Loading Capacity:

    Every kayak has its different Weight tolerance ability, which shouldn’t be exceeded for security purposes. Weight tolerance ability isn’t only about your body weight, but the whole weight of fishing gears and other items you carry. An overweight kayak can easily lose balance and capsize before you anticipate.

    Therefore, make sure your kayak has an ideal loading capacity regarding your body. 

  • Deck Width:

    The width of the deck is needed for proper stability. As the center of mass of a big guy is higher than average, the more space the kayak has in the deck, the more balance you have. It also helps them get in and out with less effort, which is a major issue for big guys. 

    Though it takes more effort to paddle because of the space of water it occupies, it is recommended to consider safety before anything. 

  • Proper Seating Arrangement:

    As you have to spend hours and hours on the water, you don’t want leg cramps and back pain. Also, you need to feel comfortable while paddling. Otherwise, it will drain your energy and force. In this matter, two things need to be reflected on before paying money for your dream kayak. 

    First of all, make sure there is available space for your legs. The second thing is that the seat’s quality and position must be comfortable as you have to expend a lot of time on the stream.

    The seat should be positioned in such a way where you don’t need to put any extra effort into paddling. For a beginner, it is ideal for picking a sit on top kayak. 

  • Portability of the kayak:

    Whether you want or not, you have to transport your kayak on the land often. So, it is ideal to choose one that is light-weight, compact, and easily dismantled.

    No doubt, the Inflatable kayaks will win the bid because; it’s not only light-weight but also gets dismantled with very little effort. If you choose any different type, then make sure there are enough grab handles for multiple persons to carry it out. 

  • Cost and materials:

    No matter how fancy your kayak is, your safety matters the most at the end of the day. Now there are tons of fancy leisure kayaks available in the market, which looks the same as those expensive ones. Sometimes, even more, beautiful kayaks cost less than 500 dollars, but are they worth the risk? 

    You may wonder what kind of risk I’m talking about. Well, in the water, your main strength is your balance. So, you need to make sure your kayak has that potential. For instance, inflatable kayaks are cheap comparing to others. But when it comes to durability, it gets out of the game. 

    So before taking any sudden decision, you need to make sure that your kayak is built with hard-wearing materials. Otherwise, you may have to shop for kayaks every summer or even worse.  

How do you take proper care of your kayaks?

Follow the tips given below to maintain the durability of your kayaks.  

  • Deflate your kayak carefully before storing it. Make sure that you got all the air out.
  • If your kayak has metallic outer shell or parts, clean and dry them properly to avoid disgusting rust.
  • Always check the drainage system before you float your kayak. Blocked drainage can cause serious accidents.
  • If your kayak’s outer shell isn’t UV-resistant, about scorching hot weather to protect the kayak.
  • Double-check your kayak’s lower body after every trip, especially if you feel you hit on something.
  • Check your compartments and clear them out before storing them.
  • Do not drag your kayak for transportation. Use wheels or get help to carry them out.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about a kayak:

Q. Which kayak has the top Weight tolerance ability?

A. The Elkton Outdoors Tandem Kayak has the Weight tolerance ability of 650 pounds, which is currently highest. 

Q. Which kayak has the maximum width?

A. TheFeel free Lure 13.5 has 3 feet wide deck, which is highest for now.

Q. What happens if a kayak capsizes?

A. You must know the self-rescue process before getting on and how to save yourself and the kayak. It is a very regular phenomenon, so you don’t need to worry much unless you know the self-rescue technique.

Q. What type of kayak is ideal for big guys?

 A. The sit-on kayak is more suitable if you don’t have much prior experience. But if you are a pro, then any kayak with a larger space is ideal for you.

Q. Are these kayaks safe for heavily built men?

A. Yes, they are if they don’t cross the weight limit.

Q. Can a kayak be used for multiple purposes?

 A. Every kayak has different features for different purposes. But one can use it for multiple purposes considering the features you have in your kayak.


Though people have been kayaking for a long time, they used kayak for fishing only. Now the concept of the kayak has become immensely popular as it is used for many recreational activities. As there are many brands and models, it is hard to select a perfect kayak, especially the best kayak for big guys.

So, if you are a big guy, seeking a suitable kayak for yourself, take the time to buy one. Think about all the features that you want, research well about the brands and models, and go through the pros and cons. Moreover, always keep safety measurements as your top priority. And then, buy the kayak that meets up with all of your preferences.

To buy a kayak, don’t rush and jump into conclusions. It is hard to get the perfect kayak for big guys but not an impossible task. Therefore, just be patient and careful while you are shopping for your kayak.

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