How to Ship a Kayak - Guide for Beginner

How to Ship a Kayak – Guide for Beginners

We all know it would be fun to explore new places over the summer holidays. It can be even more exciting if you can take your kayak with you. How you ship your kayak during relocation or summer vacation is an important issue. Because if you can’t do kayak shipping properly then your kayak can be damaged. Which you never want. We will discuss in detail how you can safely ship a kayak. Which will help you in kayak shipping.

What You Will Need

  • Bubble wrap or packaging foam 
  • Cardboard
  • Packaging tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Weighing scales

How to Ship a Kayak

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before ship a kayak. For example: your location, where to send, and the most important thing is how much it will cost, how long it will take.

The most important part of how you ship a kayak is the kayak package process. Because if the package is not right, your kayak may be damaged during shipping.

How to Transport a Kayak in a Truck

Step 1: Wrap It in Cardboard

Wrap your kayak with a flat cardboard or cardboard sheet. Make sure the cardboard is protected around the yak and the packaging tape is everywhere.

Use as much cardboard as you need to cover your kayak in full. Use as much tape as you need to wrap around your yak to keep your kayak in kayak shape, making sure there are tapes everywhere.

Step 2: Bubble Wrap It

Now it’s time to packaging your kayak, because your kayak is now completely wrapped in cardboard. Wrap the wrapping sheets tightly around the kayak.

Use packaging tape around to secure the shipping and use a few layers of bubble wrap.

Adding a final layer of bubble wrap may be a good idea to keep the foam in place. Because if you use packaging foam, you will notice that the tape will not stick well.

Step 3: Labels

Write about it so that the handlers of the shipping company can know about it. And mark it as fragile.

Step 4: Get Dimensions

The size of the kayak may be slightly larger after your kayak packaging. Use your measuring tape before handing the wrapped kayak to the shipping company.

Be sure to weigh it, as shipping companies usually charge based on the weight of the parcel.


You can simply wrap it in different layers of bubble wrap without using the first cardboard step. You may want to add a cardboard wrap to the bow and strain for extra protection.

Time to Ship a Kayak

The FedEx Standard is one of the most popular couriers.

You can buy insurance in case of loss of shipping.


We know how important it is to ship your kayak safely. We hope you are learning and enjoying how to do your kayak shipping. Let us know if you have any experience. If you like our guide, please share it with your friends.