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6 Best Whitewater Helmet For Kayaking

If you want to enjoy the slow pace and scenery, kayak travel is a great way of sightseeing. Whitewater kayakers can be identified as the most daring athletes on the planet. We always advise you to wear a personal flotation device and helmet to keep yourself safe while kayaking.

When you are looking for the right kayak helmet, there are several things to consider, such as the type of kayaking you plan to do and the level of protection you want.

Here we will review the best whitewater kayak helmets. After reading our article, you can decide to buy the best helmet.

Quick Answer: What is The Best Whitewater Helmet


Best Whitewater Helmet Reviews

The Burn Unlimited Watts helmet is designed as a multi-sport helmet. It is constructed with a thin shell ABS outer shell and an EPS foam lining to provide stability, impact distribution and shock absorption. It has a regular chin strap and a dial on the back that makes minor adjustments for the overall fit of the helmet. The Burn Unlimited Watts helmet can be used in a variety of situations, including snow. The helmet is designed using inspiration from a baseball cap, which gives you a small visor that can be useful for summer paddling. The helmet also has a drainage hole that can help keep you cool in warm weather. It is lightweight and breathable enough for paddling in summer or warm weather.

Tantron Comfy Practical is a reasonably standard ABS helmet with a cushy and secure EVA lining. This technique allows the peddler to regulate the fit of their helmet with one hand, which suggests they do not need to keep their pedals away to try to do so. Closure and adjustment are achieved through a dial system on the rear of the helmet. Notable features are the 11 vents that cover its shell, allowing ventilation and extra water leakage.

This water helmet boasts a rum strap and a waterproof EVA foam liner that provides both comfort and protection. It has a total of fifteen vents to let the water out and keep your head cool on hot days. It can also be used for wakeboarding, kite surfing or any other water sports that need to avoid potentially harmful effects on the head. Although this water helmet is great for new kayakers.

The NRS Chaos Helmet is a side-cut helmet designed for a variety of watersports and comes in a choice of colors. The chin strap can be easily adjusted and held in place with a strap. The helmet has eight ventilation holes that allow it to drain quickly if it is capsized and breathed in the summer. You can get a custom fit around your head using the dial on the back of the helmet. It can be a good choice for whitewater kayaking or paddleboarding. It’s a solid ABS plastic outer shell with a dual-density EVA foam liner, which can help provide extra comfort and shock absorption, and impact protection.

The Triple Eight Water Hello Helmet is a half-cut helmet designed for a variety of waters, including kayaking and wakeboarding. It also benefits from a moisture-fixing foam liner with a soft fabric that can be easily removed for washing. The helmet has ventilation holes on the top, back and front to allow quick drainage if you hit the water. It also comes in a range of sizes and colors for a personalized style and fit. It is designed to look like a skateboarding helmet but with the added benefit of being rated for water use. It is an EVA foam liner and the top crown is inside an impact absorbing ABS shell and has a regular chin strap with a four-point connection system.

The NP Surf helmet is designed to be easy to use, comfortable, light, and fit. An Elia-EVA close-year protector gives you a little extra protection and makes it easy to attach or remove them with its clip-lock system. With a permanent chin and head closure system, the surf is adapted well enough to fit any head shape, making it ideal for beginners or club helmets. Weighing just one pound, the surf is light enough for you to carry on every trip.

Buying Guide

Half-Cut Helmets

Half-cut helmets are often used in kayak travel, sea kayaking and light whitewater kayaking. A half-cut, or bowl, helmet sits over the ear to provide protection for the skull and efficient drainage.

Full-Cut Helmets

A full helmet provides the same protection as a half-cut but extends over the ears. You do kayaking in cold weather, but it also provides extra insulation for the ears, as it covers the back and sides of the skull. A full helmet has all the advantages of a half-cut helmet.

Full-Face Helmets

Full-face helmets cover the whole head and mandible, providing the foremost protection and coverage of any kayak helmet. These are often used where there’s a high probability of impact to the top, like in interrogation and above choppiness.

Full-face helmets generally provide comfort for drainage and protection, in order that they are best utilized in situations where additional protection is required.