The 8 Best Kayak Paddles For Fishing

Your kayak fishing paddles are a vital part of your kayak fishing adventures. you want to have noticed that fishing kayaks are generally heavier and wider than other kayaks. For this reason, you would like to seek out a fishing paddle that’s effective for paddling a heavier kayak, but at an equivalent time, it must be light enough that you simply can paddle for long hours without getting tired. After all, kayak fishing takes tons of stamina and patience, and having a number of the simplest kayak paddles helps at the end of the day. In this article we review best kayak paddle for fishing which will help you.

8 Best Kayak Paddle For Fishing List

8 Best Kayak Paddle For Fishing Reviews


If you are looking for more power and great efficiency, the Bending Branches Angler 2 Piece Classic push Fishing Kayak Paddle is that the solution to your paddling problems. It’s made from carbon-reinforced blades that provide the right combination of aesthetics and performance. It consists of a black shaft and an orange blade.

This adjustable kayak paddle features a 3-hole snap-button splint that adjusts from 0 degrees to 60-degree fade. It a built-in hook retrieval system and features a small squeeze the blade that secures the baits and attracts fish. Bending Branches fishing kayak paddles are lightweight (weighing about 34 ounces), durable, and permit you to paddle smoothly without tiring you out.


  • Beat-it-up durability
  • Durable aluminum shaft
  • Dual hi-vis tape measure
  • Integrated hook retrieval system

The Solstice by Swim line 4-Piece Quick Release Paddle is formed from high-quality aluminum. Solstice by Swim line 4-Piece is one of the best kayak paddle for fishing. They adjustable kayak paddles and have 3 positions. The four-piece quick-release Solstice paddle is great for travel and maybe easily stowed away.

With the size of 30 inches x 9 inches x 3 inches, the merchandise weighs about 2.7 pounds (it features a shipping weight of two .8 pounds). Together with your Solstice Swim line 4-piece quick release paddle, you get the simplest value for money and everyone you’ve got to try to do is hit the water and paddle away.


  • Aluminum Performance Paddle
  • 4 piece Quick Release
  • 3 position adjustability
  • compact for storage and travel
  • the outdoors awaits, dip your blade and take off

The Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Carbon 2 Piece Kayak Paddle is formed within the USA and features heavy-duty two-piece construction. You’ll divide it into two parts for transportation and storage.

The blades are made from carbon and nylon and are lightweight (product weighs 0.16 ounces) but perform strong. The Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Carbon Kayak Paddle comes with drip rings. If you’re a high angle rowing enthusiast, you’ll love the oval paddle shaft that provides you the foremost comfortable grip, ideal for long hours on the water.


  • Different size options available.
  • It is light weight.
  • It features powerful strokes.
  • The blade is sturdy and durable.
  • It is affordable.

The Bounce X-Grip paddle is a great entry-level paddle for the aspiring angler. Don’t let the cheap price stop you from considering this great value palette. The rigid aluminum shaft will provide a durable and powerful paddle for years of use and abuse.

The plastic blades have a coffee angle design, but more importantly, they supply a durable tool for pushing in piers, rocks, or river bottoms. Heavy-duty rubber drip rings deflect water far away from your lap with every stroke.

This two-piece paddle is adjustable to seek out the right blade for your style. And while the Bounce X-Grip doesn’t have any specific fishing features, it’s still an excellent paddle to urge into the water. Let your fishing skills do the remainder.


  • Size: 6.75″ x 18″ (17 x 46 cm.)
  • Surface Area: 89 sq. in. (574 sq. cm.)
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Available Lengths: 220 cm., 230 cm., and 240 cm.
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs. (37 oz.)
  • Feathering Angles: 0° & 60° (L or R)
  • Ferrule: Snap-Button

The Perception Pescador is manufactured by an equivalent company that produces a line of fishing kayaks with an equivalent name. The durable aluminum paddle shaft will ensure years of use, while the plastic blades will withstand whatever environment you set them in on your fishing adventures.

This heavy-duty paddle is great for powering those heavier and bulkier kayaks. The axis of this two-piece paddle is often adjusted from 230 to 240 centimeters because of the button cap (the joint that connects the 2 parts of the paddle). The dihedral blade (two planes) promotes a smooth and stable ride on a spread of surfaces and conditions. A line takes up the blade can help regain that hooked line so you never lose your precious lure.


  • Two (2) piece kayak fishing paddle
  • Features an adjustable range length for convenience
  • Sturdy blade design for maximum control and maneuverability
  • Dihedral (two-planed) blade design for smooth and stable paddle strokes
  • Features an adjustable, push button ferrule
  • Line hook on blade helps to remove unwanted snags
  • Adjustable Length: 230 cm to 240 cm (90.5” to 98.5”)

The Kerco Angler Pro is an affordable kayak fishing paddle that features a carbon fiber shaft with a non-slip design pattern. the worth of this Angler Paddle would normally include an aluminum shaft, so it’s worth noting that this is often one among the few truly affordable carbon fiber paddles available on the market today. The blades are made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon for a durable package.

The new blade design features an integrated hook to retrieve the lure or reach a dock line. The two-piece palette is right for storage and travel. The three-position push-button angle adjustment allows you to smooth the blades to seek out your ideal setting. The added feature of this pallet is Kerco’s twelve-month full replacement warranty.


  • Carbon fiber shaft with anti-slip design pattern
  • Build tough with fiberglass reinforced nylon blades
  • New blade design with Lure retriever, Dock hook and tree branch hook
  • Angle adjustment with three position push-button feather settings and Convenient two piece design for storage
  • Actual weigh 37 oz for the length of 260cm

Werner is one among the foremost respected names in kayak paddles and is thought for producing quality paddles. The Camano features its hottest blade design and is a medium-sized low-angle blade that’s ideal for covering longer distances.

The axle may be a unique blend of carbon and fiberglass that’s lightweight and offers great performance, but is additionally more immune to impacts than a 100% carbon axle.

While the amount of fish you catch isn’t likely to extend, the Camano comes during a wide selection of color options, including some sharp-looking scale patterns.

If it’s sold under the Werner name but want something with a high angle blade, inspect the Werner Shuna. It’s an equivalent characteristics because the Camano, but its paddle may be a bit better suited to rowing from a high seating position.


  • Shaft Material: carbon blend
  • Blade Material: fiberglass
  • Overall Length: 220 cm, 230 cm, 240 cm
  • Blade Length: 52 cm
  • Blade Width: 16 cm

If you’re on a budget or simply getting started and are not able to invest in a very high-quality paddle, Shoreline’s Marine Kayak Paddle is worth considering. It is one of best kayak paddle for fishing. It’s pretty basic, but it’ll allow you to urge out on the water and fish without breaking the bank.

It only comes in one size – 96 inches (244 cm), so it is best for wider kayaks and taller paddlers.

Shoreline doesn’t list the load , but it isn’t likely to be particularly light considering the aluminum shaft and plastic sheets. it is also worth noting that the plastic sheets aren’t reinforced with fiberglass, so you’ll be wanting to be a touch extra careful when pushing rocks and other obstacles.

The foam grips add a pleasant touch and isolate your hands from aluminum, which may be uncomfortable to carry in hot or weather .

Another cool feature that’s not always found on inexpensive paddles are curved blades rather than straight ones. This helps the paddle flow smoothly through the water and prevents flapping, which is inefficient and uncomfortable for extended periods of your time .

While it isn’t getting to outperform higher end paddles, Shoreline’s Marine Kayak paddle may be a solid entry-level paddle which will get the work done.


  • Features foam grips for your comfort
  • 96 inches long
  • Has an aluminum shaft
  • The paddle has an effective contour-molded design
  • Drip guards will keep you from getting too wet 

How to pick the right kayak fishing paddle?

When choosing a best kayak paddle for fishing, there are five key areas you want to focus on.

  • Length
  • The shape of the blade
  • Weight
  • Cost
  • The material it is made from.

Some paddles have additional features like built-in measurement marks or lure retrieval notches dig the paddle blade to affect obstacles. These are nice to possess, but they ought to be considered secondary to the above criteria.


The length of your kayak fishing paddles is one of the foremost important factors when choosing your paddle. If the paddle isn’t the proper size, you’ll find it harder to navigate, especially for long hours, and you’ll have less productive fishing experience.

Also, a fishing paddle that’s too short for you’ll cause you to hit the edges of your kayak with the paddle. Most seasoned fishing enthusiasts will tell you ways sound waves travel through the water, and hitting your paddle against the kayak will scare the fish away – something you do not want when kayaking.

To find the right size for your paddle, you want to consider two factors: the peak of your kayak and its width. Another factor to think about is your height. Generally, you’ll need longer fishing paddles if you’re tall and have a good kayak.

The length of your paddle also will be suffering from the seating position of your kayak. Many kayaks have low and high positions for his or her seats. Although all kayak and fishing paddle manufacturers may have a variable length recommendation, below are general guidelines once you have a coffee seating position. Add 10cm to your fishing paddles if you favor a high seating position in your kayak.

Width of the kayak 

Your Height 

Less than 23 inches

24 inches to 28 inches

29 inches to 33 inches

34 inches and above

Less than 5 feet 5 inches

210 cm

220 cm

230 cm

240 cm

5 feet 5 inches, to 5 feet 11 inches

220 cm

230 cm

240 cm

250 cm

Higher than 6 inches

220 cm

230 cm

250 cm

260 cm

Blade Shape

Paddle Blade Shape are generally divided into two categories; Low and high angle blades.

Low Angle: The long and narrow low angle blades are ideal for a more relaxed rowing style. You will not generate the maximum amount of power per stroke, but they’re great for riding in calm water. These are an honest option if you tend to hide tons of ground while fishing or wish to prepare your rods for trolling.

High Angle: The short and wide paddles used for rowing at high angles generate more power per stroke and permit you to maneuver with fewer strokes. The additional power is usually useful for fishing kayaks, which tend to be wider and heavier than the typical kayak. They work particularly well when rowing from a high seating position or for quick maneuvers while navigating rivers.


As a general rule of thumb, you would like the lightest palette that matches your budget. If you’re just testing the waters and unsure how committed you’re to kayaking, just get a cheap paddle and do not worry an excessive amount of about weight.

But if you recognize that you simply are going to be spending a good amount of your time within the water, you’ll economize within the end of the day, and have more fun, if you get an honest paddle up front rather than recuperating later.


Your budget is a crucial factor and, in most cases, the foremost important. You’ll usually find an honest fishing paddle between $ 75 to $ 450, so you’ve got a good price range to settle on from.

If you’re new kayaking and need to offer it a try, it’s going to not be an honest idea to take a position ton of cash in something that’s not feasible for you at the end of the day. In such cases, choose a fishing paddle within your budget, and do not worry about its weight.

It has been observed that the upper the value, the lighter the fishing paddle. Not only that, but the fabric also will be better and should have more (secondary) characteristics. Rowers generally want to travel for the lightest paddle at the simplest cost.

If you propose to form it a permanent hobby or are determined to use its future, it’s best to consider your kayak fishing paddles as a one-time investment. It might be more fun and economize at the end of the day.


The material that the paddles are made from is vital but is usually overlooked by beginners. The weight of your kayak fishing paddles depends on the fabric they’re made up of. If you’re a newbie, you’ll prefer plastic or aluminum shafts and blades. They’re going to cost you less and assist you on your first days of kayaking. They will be relatively heavier and should not offer you an equivalent performance as knowledgeable. Also, these paddles aren’t durable within the future, so you’ll get a far better one once you become daily at fishing.

Advanced and intermediate level kayak rowers typically choose fiberglass or carbon fibers. These pallets aren’t only lighter and more efficient, but they’re exceptionally durable.

Carbon fiber paddles are relatively costlier than fiberglass paddles. Of course, they provide you better performance, which comes at a price. If you would like to travel for better paddling gear but don’t need to place tons of pressure on your wallet, you’ll choose a fiberglass kayak paddle.

Kayak Paddles Overview

Once you’ve skilled the previous fishing kayak paddle reviews, consider what factors are must-haves on your paddles. does one have a paddle size in mind or does one prefer an adjustable kayak paddle? the simplest idea would be to urge your kayak fishing paddles consistent with your fishing needs and consider how often you propose to kayak fishing within the future.

The ideal kayak fishing paddles should offer you the simplest possible performance, which means they ought to not tire you such a lot from their weight that it negatively affects your performance or fishing experience. they ought to assist you spend longer within the water, and thus more fish to catch. and that is exactly what you would like , right?