5 Best Female Urination Devices for Kayaking

There are many female urination devices on the market for women who need to use the restroom while out enjoying an outdoor activity. They are designed to be feminine, discreet, sanitary, and non-odor producing. The best female urination device for kayaking is one that facilitates getting into position without spilling or dripping all over your legs or your boat. One popular model is the PeeBuddy 10 Funnels Portable Female Urination Device designed specifically for kayakers.

What Is A Kayaking Female Urination Device?

A kayaking female urination device is a type of funnel that is inserted into the vagina and sits near the opening to help women urinate while in a seated position on their boat. The benefits of a Kayaking Female Urination Device are that the product is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. It can be used as an alternative to peeing in a water bottle or on the ground. Peeing into a female urination device allows you to stay clean and dry. With this product, you won’t have to worry about spraying yourself with urine or having your clothes pee-stained.

What is the Best female urination device for kayaking?

5 Best female urination device for kayaking Reviews



1. PeeBuddy 10 Funnels Portable Female Urination Device

5 Best female urination device for kayaking In 2023
5 Best female urination device for kayaking


Women can now pee anywhere with this portable urination device, it’s so easy to use and carry. It’s discreet, recyclable, and waterproof. Women can go anywhere and anytime they want with this product. PeeBuddy is the most convenient way for women to relieve themselves when they are on the go. It’s the only feminine hygiene product certified by the National Association For Self Defense. This product makes women feel safe and confident.

Key Features:







Why PeeBuddy 10 Funnels Portable Female Urination Device is better than other Female Urination Device?

1) Small size – easy to carry around.

2) Easy to assemble – no tools required.

3) Packaged in clear plastic box.

4) No leaking problem.

5) Guaranteed to work.

6) Certified FDA approved.

Why PeeBuddy 10 Funnels Portable Female Urination Device is more popular?

1) Easy to use – Just add warm water.

2) Made from 100% recycled material.

3) High quality.

4) Large storage capacity (up to 10 funnels).



2. Freshette Sports & Travel Female Urinary Device

5 Best female urination device for kayaking In 2023
5 Best female urination device for kayaking


Freshette is the only product of its kind on the market. It’s perfect for camping, hiking, boating, traveling, and more. Freshette is easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. It’s discreet, convenient, and comfortable. It measures 6 inches tall by 1.75 inches wide by 6 inches and is about the same dimension as your comfortless palm. The Sports and Travel Freshette comes with a 5-inch extension tube that is stored in the main plastic trough, along with a custom travel pouch. Simply fill the main plastic trough with a couple of cups of warm tap water and you have yourself an effective female urinal device that will keep you clean and dry at all times. There’s also a handy bag included so it doesn’t leak out during transit.

Key Features:






Why Freshette is better than other Female Urinary Devices?

1) Size – soft, compact and portable.

2) Waterproof – won’t leach odors after years of use.

3) Easy to use – just add warm water.

4) Discreet – can be used anywhere without drawing attention.

5) Comfortable – fits perfectly in your hand!

Why Freshette Female Urinary Devices is more popular?

1) Satisfaction guaranteed.

2) Cute design.

3) Lightweight & durable.

4) Good price.



3. GoGirl – Pink – Female Urination Device

5 Best female urination device for kayaking In 2023
5 Best female urination device for kayaking


If you’re looking for a female urination device, you’ve come to the right place. GoGirl female urination devices are made from soft, flexible materials and are designed to fit easily into your purse or pocket. Female Urination Devices (FUDs) have been around for years but they haven’t always been convenient or comfortable to use. At GoGirl solved those problems! GoGirl is easy to use, discreet and comfortable. These FID’s fold up flat and weigh only 4 ounces! They come complete with a pre-filled bottle of antibacterial feminine cleaner and a storage case.

Key Features:

Soft, Flexible Material;

Pre-loaded Antibacterial Feminine Cleaner;

Storage Case Included.

Why GoGirl Female Urination Devices is better than other Female Urinary Devices?

1) Super easy to store and carry.

2) Lightweight and convenient to use.

3) Soft material makes these perfect for traveling.

4) Can quickly convert to male urination device.

Why GoGirl Female Urination Device is a smart choice?

1) Great value for money.

2) Compact and lightweight.

3) Conveniently stored in a pouch.



4. pStyle | Stand to Pee with Ease While Fully Clothed

5 Best female urination device for kayaking In 2023
5 Best female urination device for kayaking


The pStyle is a dysuria diverticulum treatment that’s sort of shaped like a taco. It is produced from BPA- and phthalate-free plastic. The pStyle is 1.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches tall. It is available in assorted colors, including Blue, Clear, Purple, Green, Black, and Pink.

The pStyle is designed to be reusable can be simply rinsed with water or cleansed with warm water and soap. If there’s no water available, such as in the outdoors, the manufacturers suggest that the shake the pStyle vigorously to eliminate the majority of the urine. You can use a Lysol wipe to clean it. This can be carried out with the pStyle plastic, which happens to be made from plastic.

Product Features:

• FDA approved

• Reusable

• Easy to hold while peeing

Why pStyle is better than other Female Urinary Devices?

1) Preserve your modesty

2) No mess

3) Most durable female urinary devices in the market.

Why pStyle Female Urination Device can be a smart choice?

1) Affordable female urinary device

2) Safe and hygienic

3) Portable



5. SHEWEE Extreme Reusable Pee Funnel

5 Best female urination device for kayaking In 2023
5 Best female urination device for kayaking


Do you want to be free from the embarrassment of wetting your pants in public? The Shewee is a female urination device. It allows women to stand and pee without removing any clothing. Women can now pee in their pants when they need to, where they need to. The Shewee® allows women to have a choice and be able to decide whether they want to sit or stand, without having to remove any clothing. As an added benefit, the Shewee® reduces the chances of embarrassing accidents by allowing women to choose how, where, and if she chooses to pee. The Shewee® comes ready to go. Just place the funnel into the body canal until it clicks into position then attach the filter hose. When using the Shewee®, women will only be exposed to their own waste stream.

Product Features:

• Aseptic design o ESD certified

• UL listed

• Disposable & reusable

• 2-year warranty

• Made from medical grade silicone

• FDA approved

• Washable

• Waterproof

• Absorbent

• Non-slip grip

Why SHEWEE Extreme Reusable Pee Funnel is better than other Female Urinary Devices?

1) Save time and money

2) Avoid privacy problems

3) Reduce chances of leaking urine

4) Prevents back pain /sitting discomfort

5) Keeps hands clean – no touching with soiled fingers

6) Prevent urine splashing onto clothes

Why Extreme Reusable Pee Funnel Female Urination Device can be a smart choice?

1) Affordable female urinary devices

2) Safe and hygienic

3) Portable

Types of FUDs:

There are many styles of female urination devices on the market. Some are more popular than others, but the style of the device is usually determined by personal preference. It is important to know which type of device is right for you before purchasing one. This article will briefly discuss some of the most common types of female urination devices that are currently on the market.

Benefits of using a female urination device:

The main benefit of using a kayaking female urination device is that it helps users keep themselves clean and dry. Many people prefer to use female urination devices because they find them convenient to use during outdoor activities like kayaking or camping. Because these products are made specifically for females, they can easily be worn under tight clothing without affecting the appearance of your outfit.

Where To Use A Portable Female Urinal:

Kayaking Female Urination Devices should only be used when needed. You shouldn’t use them every time you need to go to the bathroom. If you use them all the time, you might get bladder infections from wearing one too long.

How To Use Kayaking Urinals For Females:

All kayaking female urination devices work quite similarly, although each manufacturer may make slight changes to their design. Regardless of how different manufacturers make their products, there are two steps involved in using a portable female urinal.

First, you must place it inside your kayak while you are paddling. When you are done with your session, remove the device and rinse it off as soon as possible.

The second step is to apply soap to the device. After rinsing it off again, take a damp cloth and wipe down the entire device until it’s completely dry.

How To Clean Kayaking Female Urination Devices:

You should always wash and disinfect your female urination device before and after each use. This includes cleaning the outside of the device and wiping down any surfaces where germs could accumulate. Never allow the device to touch other objects like rocks or sharp edges. Be sure that no water touches the bottom portion of the device either. The last thing you want to do is have an unpleasant surprise when you’re out on the river!

Disadvantages to using a female urination device:

Using these devices does present some disadvantages. Since they can’t hold much liquid, you’ll need to stop frequently and empty the device if you plan on using one for longer than just a few minutes. You can also be more vulnerable to injuries such as cuts or scrapes because your hands will be closer to the surface of the water while using this kind of device. Finally, most females don’t feel comfortable having anyone else see them pee. Some people might find this uncomfortable or embarrassing, but others aren’t bothered by it at all. If these issues bother you, then you should probably stick to conventional methods of urinating.


In conclusion, the best female urination device for kayaking is GoGirl. It provides comfort and convenience, while at the same time saving on the splash back and receiving no complaints from fellow kayakers.

-Female urination devices allow women to urinate while standing up without having to do their business in a hole on the ground.

-The best female urination device for kayaking is the GoGirl because it can be used on land or water.