4 best kayak scupper plugs

4 Best Kayak Scupper Plugs

Kayaking is a popular water action. If you are a kayaking lover then you will want to spend your leisure time kayaking. But there is a problem with kayaking, you will notice during kayaking that water is entering inside your kayak. Water entering the kayak can be very dangerous for kayaking. As the water enters the kayak you will slowly see your kayak sinking into the water. Unless you have the best scooper plug in hand.

In this article, we will review the Best kayak scupper plugs and give you a detailed guide about scoop plugs that will help you choose the best scoop plug.

Quick Ans: What Is The Best Kayak Scupper Plugs


Best Kayak Scupper Plugs Review

The build is very simple but it is a practical design designed to fit in 0.75-1.5 inch holes that you will find in most kayaks. This kayak accessory is relatively inexpensive but can last you for quite some time. A rubber cone is used as the main plug that fits the scoop hole. One of the downsides is that the rope tends to wear faster than a rubber cone. Available in 4 packs, these universal scoop plugs have a simple design. The rubber feels soft but at the same time quite durable. A royal blue, bright green and red are the three colors available. The knotted rope of all these episodes, however, is simply black.

Pelican scoop plugs are made from a compressible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) material. EVA is a rubber polymer that can hold well in small areas. When the plugs are in the scooper hole, it is also easier to pull them out because a thin cord is tied around the plugs. These scooper plugs come in four-packs. The plug is 1.25 inches in diameter but can be tightly fitted in holes smaller than this. The cord is tied at one end to give the kayakers some advantage when unplugging.

The Harmony Gear Scooper plug is designed for use with all Wilderness System Tarpon Kayak models and all Ride Kayak models made since 2007. Made with hard-wearing rubber, these plugs are abrasion-resistant. Their only downside is that the color, uniformly gray, makes them a little harder to see and therefore easier to lose. It fits any kayak from 1 inch wide to 18 inches wide with a scoop hole.

Their multi-lace design makes them tougher and they come with an easy-to-remove nylon tab on top. Produced in a bright orange, Ocean Kayak Scooter stoppers are made with a soft material that makes them comfortable despite being installed under your seat. Designed for use with all Ocean Kayak models, the scoop stoppers are color-coded by size, making it clear that they will return to any scoop hole once you have finished drainage.

Scupper Plugs: What Are They?

Scooper plugs help close kayak leaks so that outside water does not enter the kayak during kayaking. We have already published an article about Scooper Plug, you can read our article to know more about Scooper Plug.

Why Are They Important?

Scooper plugs are important for your kayak because scoop plugs prevent your kayak from drowning outside. If outside water gets into your kayak during kayaking, your kayak will lose its balance. If you want to keep your kayak balanced, you must stop the water inside your kayak. And the best way to keep your body from drowning is to use these scoop plugs. Using scooper plugs will prevent outside water from entering your kayak.