How Long Does It Take To Kayak A Mile

How Long Does It Take To Kayak A Mile

I hope you all know about kayaks. In short, a kayak is a watercraft. When you finally set your mind to buy a kayak, the question may arise on your mind: how long does it take to kayak a mile?

Here we are presenting your answers in this article based on this question. This article is going to let you learn about a lot of things related to this question too. So sit still!

What is the usual duration?

Usually, it takes about 30 minutes to kayak a mile. But this timing depends on many factors. Such as, it depends on the weather and water. If the water is serene, you can easily paddle 1 mile within 30 minutes.

Moreover, it also depends on the variety of kayak.

Different from kayak’s paddling process and speed are different. So you have to break down all of these factors to know the real duration of reaching a mile.

How fast can a person paddle a kayak?

If you are a beginner, it is seen that if you paddle an average kayak of 15′ length and 24′ width, at moderate speed, you will paddle at 2 to 2.5 knots.

If you are an skilled paddler, you will be able to paddle 3 knots. If we calculate, this takes up to 20-30 minutes altogether to reach a mile.

Is there any factor to consider in a kayak’s speed?

Yes, if this question has raised in your mind, you are correct. There are few factors to consider while calculating the speed of a kayak to reach a mile. Such as-

  • Kayak’s type- kayak’s type plays a significant role in calculating the duration for a kayak to reach a mile. Like, thin beamed race kayaks are very fast to reach a mile. On the contrary, fishing kayaks are very slow to reach a mile. The length and width ratio of a kayak matters a lot in the speed.
  • Water type- if the water is not calm, it will take a lot of time to reach a mile. On the other hand, if the water is calm, it will take less amount of time.
  • Weather conditions- the weather is another significant factor to consider. Stormy or windy weather may delay your kayak to reach a mile than usual.
  • Experience of the paddler- as mentioned above, inexperience leads to less paddling, so it requires more time. So an experienced paddler can reach a mile earlier than an inexperienced one.
  • Tide speed & Currents- these two play a significant role in the time of reaching a mile too. If there is more current in the water, it may take more time than usual to reach a mile. Moreover, tide helps to reach the destination faster.
  • Obstacles- sometimes, rivers contain some obstacles for safety. You have to consider this thing while calculating the speed. Otherwise, it may delay your journey too.

What type of kayak is best for speed?

If you are searching for the answer to the question,’ how long does it take to kayak a mile,’ you have to know about different types of kayaks and their speeds. Various kayaks are useful and various sectors, so if you want speed, you have to choose your kayak according to your preference. Kayaks speeds play a significant role in its reaching duration.

  • Thin-beamed kayaks– these are meant for racing, so generally, these kayaks are very speedy. These kayaks are very long and faster than any other kayaks. These boats have more surface area, so it gets more friction while moving, that’s why it’s speedy.
  • Sea kayaks– these kayaks have average speed. These mainly help in covering longer distances. These are suitable for longer trips. These kayaks are generally used in the ocean.
  • Recreational kayaks– these kayaks have average-moderate speed. These are of 10′ long usually. People use it to go on a vacation. It’s not preferable for speed.
  • Fishing kayaks– these kayaks are slow-going. You can’t consider these for speed too.
  • Whitewater kayaks– these kayaks are also slow-going on quiet water. Their speed is determined by water speed. The more speedy the water is, the faster it will be.

Does a kayaks speed depend on its material?

Certainly, kayaks speed can be different depending on the material of its hull. Here we are going to discuss these materials-

Plastic- plastic made kayak hulls cause less speed than a composite one.

Composite- it has advantages on the speed of a kayak. This material increases the speed of up to .5%. But, unfortunately, this material is very costly than other materials.

ABS plastic- this material is also not a very good material for speed. But it is expensive too.

What else should we keep in our minds?

In windy situations, your kayak might be hard to control. If you lose control over your kayak, it may take a while more to reach a mile. So a rudder is an easy way to avoid getting out of control.

When you use a rudder, it works as gear and keeps your kayak in the wind direction. That’s how a rudder can help you to get speedier than usual.

Again, pulling paddle, good engine, peddling speed also helps you to get more movement with your kayak. If you lack a good pace, it can take a long duration to reach a mile.

If you want to buy a kayak, you should know that a longer and narrower kayak gives you more speed than a shorter one. If it’s narrow, it can cut through the water like a sharp knife, which gives it speed.


Kayaks are very popular nowadays, whether you want it for your work or even for vacation. If you plan on a long trip with friends or family, you must know the approximated duration of reaching your destination. Planning about every detail while going somewhere can save your back from a lot of risks and dangers.

When you start using a kayak you must know ‘How long does it take to kayak a mile,’ I have tried to explain everything related to this question in this article. As you know about your timing and speed, you are ready to go with your kayak anytime!